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Client Testimonials

“Without regular visits to the friendly and experienced staff at No More Knots, I wouldn’t have been able to train and play at such a high level throughout my 10 year Rugby career.  With weekly appointments involving a range of techniques such as recovery massages after games, stretches and deep tissue massages during the week, I am right to play again for the next match!  There is no doubt in my mind that I would never have made it this far or played as long as I have, if it was not for my treatment at No More Knots.  I would highly recommend their services to not only athletes, but to office workers, manual labourers, parents or anyone whose body needs some TLC – it will make a huge difference in their day to day life!”


Chris Latham,

Former Qld Reds Rugby Union Fullback, Former Australian Wallaby Fullback



“My body needs to be in peak condition in order to withstand the physical demands of Motor Racing.  That’s why I rely on Kelly and the team at No More Knots to alleviate all my aching back and muscle pains.  Sometimes the massages can be a little painful, but I persevere because I know the results are worth it!”

Todd Kelly,

Jack Daniels Racing Team



“In 2008 I suffered a catastrophic spinal injury…2 bouts of invasive spinal surgery…fusing vertabrae’s, titanium rods and screws and so on…3 1/2 months in PA Hospital, 2 months in a wheel chair.  The diagnosis wasn’t flash and for the first 6 weeks or so…no feeling below the knees.  And then, without warning, I could wiggle my toes.  From there, it was all up-hill. 4-6 hrs a day of therapy in the hospital. 6 days a week in the gym or the pool.  I have been a visitor to NMK since March, 2009.  My recovery has been nothing short of remarkable …in no small portion thanks to the work of Sarah Murray.  I now walk and swim unassisted and while my posture and gait aren’t perfect, I’m a long way from where I began this journey.  I visit NMK weekly, take on board the small refinements in my gym and pool program that she suggests from time to time, stay trim and limber and will continue to improve my physical well-being for the forseeable future.  The care and attention the staff give me at NMK is indicative of the way the business operates.  CARE and ATTENTION!  Pretty simple really.  Sarah’s expertise in her field has been reflected in my recovery.  Remarkable and Outstanding.  Thanks Sarah.  Thanks No More Knots”

Steve Stapleton 



“The service is amazing!  The staff at reception are always so bubbly and friendly.  I receive regular massages once or sometimes twice a week and without this treatment I would not be achieving the successful results in my running.  The professionalism at No More Knots is what keeps me coming back to the clinic.  Thanks guys!  You always do such a great job at fitting me in around training and work which I really appreciate.”


Clare Geraghty,

Elite Short Course Runner



“I have worn out shoulders from years of sport but I still enjoy swimming training and surfing as my principal sources of exercise.  I must maintain a regime of specific exercise and massage to maintain shoulder strength and movement and avoid “jamming” and inflammation.  I have regularly attended “No More Knots” for around 18 months and the results have been extremely good.  The team have kept me in the pool & surf swimming strongly and comfortably. Each practitioner is highly competent – it doesn’t matter who treats you, the results are excellent.”


David Rosenblum,

Leading business turnaround specialist



“Just one hour of torture a week keeps me injury free and fit – No More Knots rocks!”


Emma Kelly,

CEO Extensia



“My work involves long hours sitting at a desk which often results in poor posture, tight shoulder/neck muscles and headaches.  The monthly massages I receive at No More Knots make all the difference.  Their therapists are amazing in being able to pinpoint what areas need to be worked on and what exercises I need to ‘straighten me out’.  I can honestly say that the money I spend on my monthly massage at No More Knots is the best investment I make on myself.”


Amanda Walters,

NMK client since 2002



“With chronic sports injuries over my career as a V8 Supercar driver, it’s essential to have the best massage therapist to ensure that I can always perform at my peak.  Since discovering No More Knots, I wouldn’t think of using anyone else to achieve this.  In fact, the Holden Racing Team will only use No More Knots when we race in Queensland – I think they have a slight sadistic streak where they take pleasure in inflicting pain on people!!”


Mark Skaife,

Holden Racing Team



“Going to NMK aids in coping with stress, maintaining mobility and range of movement and keeping energy levels up. It’s now an integral part of my regime to prolong my life and maintain its quality.”


Guy Gibbons,

CEO, Bennett Carroll Solicitors



I would be unable to function without my weekly massage.  It has now become a way of life.  My neck and hips feel less stiff enabling me to carry on with life.”


Jane Wurth,

NMK client since 2000 

Quest Business Awards:


Greenslopes clinic – Finalists & Winners 2011 & 2012 Health Care Category (Southern Star news)


Taringa clinic – Finalists 2012 Health Care Category (Westside News)


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