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Exercise Physiology

What is Exercise Physiology?DSC04090

Specialised exercise programming that meets your health and fitness needs, whether you want to improve your fitness or are living with chronic or recurring illness or pain. Your unique exercise program will help you move better and stay out of pain – just like massage! In fact, EP programs at NMK build on the treatment results of your massage by teaching you to use your newly-loosened muscles more efficiently and building strength to help support your muscles, joints, and posture, helping you feel better, function better, and maintain better health.


What is it for? 

EP programs can take many forms, depending on your needs. You can

  • Learn simple, do-at-home exercises to help support better posture
  • Build strength with an at-home or in-gym program to prevent muscle and joint pain
  • Review and refine your existing gym program, helping you fine tune your exercise technique and maximize your results
  • Help control chronic health conditions including arthritis, poor posture, chronic neck and back pain, etc



Why should I choose exercise physiology for my exercise program?

EP is an excellent choice if no matter what your health or fitness goal is. Exercise physiologists are university qualified and are subject to strict accreditation requirements, and are able to treat and work with all types of people and conditions. You will receive an exercise program that will fit your unique needs, whether you want to improve your fitness, get rid of those sore spots that niggle, or are living with a chronic condition. You can even combine EP with personal training, refining your training program to fine tune your technique and maximize your results.

Why should I combine EP with massage?

The combination of massage and exercise will maximize the benefits of each. Massage helps loosen tight tissues and can relax the nervous system, while exercise works to teach your body to use your new-found movement ability freely and efficiently, and can even prevent your previous stiffness and pain from returning. Combining massage with the appropriate exercise program will teach your body to automatically move in a way that will build strength, prevent wear and tear or injury, and keep you feeling great.

For pricing structure, please refer to the Pricing page.


What should I expect in a exercise physiology session at No More Knots?

1.       During your Initial Consultation

During your initial session, you and your AEP will undertake a comprehensive assessment in order to develop an exercise plan based on your unique requirements. This session will primarily consist of discussing your health, movement, and injury history, and your exercise program goals. You may also be asked to carry out a series of low-intensity movements, so please wear loose clothing that you are comfortable moving in. (It’s unlikely that you’ll be doing much actual exercise during this session – we’re just laying the foundations.) By the end of this session, you and your AEP will have a plan of action, including the start of an appropriate exercise program, and in some cases, a referral to another health or medical professional – just to make sure you’re working towards better, not worse!

2.       During your first follow up visit

Time to sweat! (At least a little.) This is when you go through your whole exercise program with your AEP. They will guide you through exercises that will be of most benefit for you, making sure you feel safe and able to do them well on your own. You’ll receive a copy of your exercise program and detailed instructions to take home, and will determine with your AEP how long you should use this program for. Most people will use their exercise program for anywhere from two weeks to three months. The goal is to get you moving well on your own asap, though you always have the option of completing an exercise session with your AEP whenever you wish.

3.       During additional follow up visits

This visit, scheduled for the time frame you and your AEP agree upon, is a chance to check in and see how you’re going with your program. You and your AEP will review your current health and fitness status with your previous visits and discuss which aspects you’re finding the easiest and the most challenging. You’ll also review your exercise technique and progress the program difficultly as needed. From there, you can schedule your next follow up session and go back to your ever-healthier and stronger lifestyle!



Follow up sessions may be shorter (45mins or 1hr). For pricing structure, please refer to the Pricing page.

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