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No More Knots therapists are able to provide you with both Rigid taping and Kinesio-Taping.What Is Taping?

The suitability for either type of taping will be dependent upon your condition and determined by your therapist, specifically for you.


What is Rigid Taping?

Rigid tape is used to provide support to muscle and ligament injuries, or to restrict the movement of certain body parts, where instability or poor postural habits cause pain and discomfort.


Rigid Tape may also provide wearers with a proprioceptive ‘reminder’ that a particular body part is weaker due to injury, thus may be more susceptible to re-injury.


What is Kinesio-Taping?

Unlike standard strapping tape that is rigid and aims to prevent movement, Kinesio-taping uses a stretchy and flexible tape to provide the body with support and stability, without affecting range of motion.


Kinesio-taping can also be used to promote increased blood flow, assist in removal of lactic acid, reduce muscle vibration on damaged tissue and encourage correct muscle firing.


At No More Knots, we use a brand of Kinesio-tape called ROCKTAPE . For more information visit the ROCKTAPE site. We love the results that it has been able to give to our clients.


Can I book in for Rigid or Kinesio-Taping? 

At No More Knots, Rigid and Kinesio-taping are not stand-alone therapies but are used to compliment Remedial, Myotherapy and Physiotherapy treatments.


If another health care provider outside of No More Knots (such as a Physiotherapist, Osteopath, Doctor or coach) has suggested that either type of taping may assist you, or if it is something you believe you require, please make reception staff aware at the time of booking, to ensure we match you up with the most suitable therapist, based on your individual needs.

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