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Pregnancy Massage

What is Pregnancy Massage?What Is Pregnancy Massage?

Pregnancy massage is a version of remedial massage that is adapted to suit the specific needs of expectant mothers.


A woman’s body undergoes many physical changes during pregnancy, some of which can cause you pain and discomfort. Remedial massage can help to eliminate and relieve some of your symptoms and complaints that you may experience as you move through the positive physiological effects of pregnancy.


Our therapists undergo professional training in pregnancy massage, allowing them to translate their skills, knowledge and experience as remedial therapists into a comprehensive understanding of how to assist you,  with your precious cargo on board.


At No More Knots, mums-to-be may take advantage of specially designed pregnancy massage beds which allow for safe front-lying treatment through the use of a void, (or hole), to accommodate a growing tummy.  Pregnancy treatments may also be conducted side-lying, or in a seated massage chair if the client prefers.


Who will benefit from Pregnancy Massage?

Pregnancy massage is available to women throughout all stages of pregnancy and is beneficial for women who are seeking pain relief or those simply integrating massage into their pregnancy as a healthy initiative.


First Trimester Massage

It is possible to receive a massage while you are in your first trimester provided that your pregnancy is considered ‘normal’ and you do not have any known risk factors that classify you as high risk, such as pre-eclampsia, diabetes, high blood pressure, severe morning sickness or previous history of miscarriage.


If you suspect that you may have any risk factors, it is recommended that you wait until after the first trimester for your first massage, after consultation with your physician.


What should I expect in a Pregnancy Massage treatment?

Initial pregnancy appointments are 1 hour in duration (minimum) and will include:

  • History and assessment.
  • Hands on treatment.
  • Recommendations for home care, such as stretches (if applicable).

Subsequent appointments may be shorter (30mins or 45mins), however the majority of our pregnant ladies feel that the best results are achieved after 60 minutes, or longer, of treatment. Many ladies comment on just how wonderful  they feel it is to lay face down!


For pricing structure, please refer to the Pricing page.


What kind of results can I expect from a Pregnancy Massage?

Pregnancy massage is highly effective in the relief of

  • Headaches
  • Pain due to altered biomechanics (walking/standing patterns)
  • Relieves muscle spasms and cramps
  • Sciatic pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Instability and pinching around the lower back
  • Swelling and fluid retention
  • Lack of sleep

Pregnancy massage also:

  • Increases blood flow and lymphatic circulation
  • Increases breathing capacity, both posturally and mechanically
  • Improves muscle pliability and joint flexibility
  • Reduces stress and calms nervous irritability

One of the major benefits of pregnancy massage is the increase in blood circulation to muscles being treated, which results in increased oxygen and nutrient availability to these tissues at a vital time in the mother and baby’s life.

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