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Team Testimonials

Here's what people who have worked and currently work at No More Knots have to say:


I worked at No More Knots for 5 years and recently finished up in October 2014. No More Knots was the first place I started after finishing my qualification and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Whilst working at No More Knots the professional development through workshops and tutorials is second to none, learning off some of the best health practioners going around. Not only learning about the actual body itself but the management staff are great with trying to improve and develop your customer service/rapport skills with clients, which as we all know is very important. The clinical clientele are awesome and when you get to do sporting events, for your development that is something you definitely want to be doing.

The support you get from management staff whether it is through work or personal life is unbelievable and the bond that you get through working with your fellow therapists is something that I have never felt anywhere else.

The admin girls are very experienced at what they do and are always happy to help without hesitation. No More Knots has an amazing reputation of first class service and treatment, also the referral network that is already established is awesome and something you can build upon your time there.

If you want to work somewhere where you are constantly being challenged to improve your skills and you enjoy being a part of a close knit group of people then I couldn’t recommend No More Knots highly enough. I loved working every minute at No More Knots and if your somebody that it just fresh out of college or is an experienced therapist already, this is the clinic you want to be working at.


Josh Ritchie

Q Academy Graduate – Diploma of Remedial Massage Therapy (past therapist)



I started working as member of the team at NMK at the beginning of 2012. There are many positives to working within one of the most well organised and structured clinics in Australia. Having worked in a number of clinics since graduating in 2007 and most recently working in Melbourne for 6 months I can honestly say the growth, guidance, support and network you can build within NMK is incomparable to anywhere else. Being constantly challenged by a wide variety of clientele from many walks of life and practicing skills learnt from college initially is an exciting journey. But here you are really able to fine tune those skills and constantly up-skill through regular presentations from external health practitioners and liaising with the many highly skilled therapists within the business! I am currently completing my MST degree part-time and it is encouraging to have the full support of NMK to complete my further studies.

I cannot recommend NMK high enough for all Therapists and clients alike, as you will not find a more motivated, passionate, modest and well educated bunch of people anywhere else!”


Shenal Sundaram

Q Academy Graduate – Diploma of Remedial Massage Therapy (current therapist)



“Working with No More Knots is awesome; every day you see firsthand how a business can be run so well by management and especially reception, no task is ever too much. After working so hard through the year as well, I couldn’t ask for a better bunch of people to let your hair down with!”


Sarah McCallum

Q Academy Graduate – Diploma of Remedial Massage Therapy (current therapist)



I joined No More Knots in September of 2013, from the first day I started at NMK I felt welcome and supported as a new young therapist. The training staff/ Management/Therapists/and Admin team have always been there to answer any questions I have, or help me solve any problems I might be having on either a professional or personal level which has been great for me as I am also a University student. The flexibility of being able to work week days and weekends has been a massive positive for me and there’s never been a day where I haven’t been busy especially on weekends which is a really big positive about working at NMK.

The training of staff at NMK is exceptional, whether it is help with building rapport with clients or learning new techniques or perfecting old ones, there are always ongoing workshops and tutorials to keep up skilling and perfecting my skills as a therapist.

NMK is definitely a great place to work and an exceptional place for any level of therapist to come and grow their skills and give great treatments!”


Ayrton Cois

Endeavour Graduate – Diploma of Remedial Massage Therapy (past therapist)



“I feel really priveleged to have found work at NMK. As a fresh graduate out of college, I found the in house training and workshops   allow for growth and continual development as a therapist and professional. Each week you learn more and become increasingly confident!

“Working at NMK in a large clinic has benefits of bouncing ideas of other senior therapists, whilst being a fun and social work environment.

I like being part of a business that embraces a ‘team’ culture and is a busy clinic with a solid reputation.. you always have plenty of shifts and a good work/life balance is encouraged. I’ve already enjoyed plenty of great massages from the other Therapists- a good perk of the job!

NMK is a great place to work, I don’t think I could have kicked off my career in a better place than NMK.”


Dusan Mihalec

Endeavour Graduate – Diploma of Remedial Therapy (current therapist)



 “I have been working for NMK for a little over two years now. Before that I worked for two different clinics, each had very different directions and attitudes towards the use and implementation of “Musculoskeletal Therapy.” I found that the qualification was relatively unknown in the world of allied health care and that the general public understood massage, physio, chiro and acupuncture as methods of treatment and in general all were pretty content to fall into one of those categories for treatment, and it was this that made promoting and working as an MST a challenge.

Since working at NMK I have found that not only do I have more confidence in my ability to utilise my skills as an MST but that the clinic encourage and promote the additional treatment options that an MST can provide. Not only this, but NMK provide monthly on going education in order to equip their therapists with the knowledge and skills to constantly improve their treatments. On top of this being such a large business, as a therapist you gain the support and have access to the additional knowledge of other therapists working alongside you.

Within the industry of health care, NMK is a driving force promoting MST to the local community, businesses, sporting teams and industry professionals. As well as this they have fought for the welfare of Remedial Therapist as well as Musculoskeletal Therapy within the private health care system over the past yeah.  These aspects of the business are often overlooked but I feel it is actions like these which show the company’s dedication to the industry.

I have felt nothing but support from NMK since the day I started.  I have become a more confident and skilled therapist as a result of working at NMK.

I would not hesitate to recommend NMK to any new graduate.”


Hannah Collet

Endeavour Graduate – Bachelor of Musculoskeletal Therapy (current therapist)



“The reason I love coming to work at No More Knots every day and what sets them apart from other clinics is that they care.

Not to say that other clinics or therapists don’t. But this place lives and breathes the very reason most therapists enter the industry – to help people, to be the best we can be.

They care about each and every person who comes in contact with the business and strive to ensure their needs are met.

They have a management team who go to great lengths to ensure therapists have a sustainable work life balance and are always willing to help out in any way they can. The respect they have for each and every staff member is immeasurable and our feedback is always listened to and acted upon.

We are encouraged and expected to assess all clients and work with them to create a treatment plan that will help them achieve their goals rather than just giving a “massage” we are empowered to provide a “treatment”.

The referral network that has been established encompasses many industry leaders in various professions and being able to communicate with them is not only helpful for the clients but has also helped me grow as a therapist.

The free monthly Tutorials with industry leaders from varying professions are golden and play a major role in my continued professional development!

Internal workshops are available non-stop on almost any given topic and are tailored to each therapist to ensure they feel comfortable with new skills or are able to perfect old ones.

As a clinic they have always been flexible and reasonable when I have had the opportunities to work with elite sport outside of the clinic and have also provided me with numerous opportunities to work with elite athletes as part of the NMK team.

The administration team are fantastic and nothing is ever too big of an ask which helps me to focus on my clients and not have to juggle reception duties.

It is a busy clinic – but with no major marketing behind it other than word of mouth…………. People who come in for treatment are usually coming in due to the excellent reputation of the clinic which is a direct result of the investment they place in their therapists.

The Christmas parties……… “what happens on tour stays on tour”.

It is both refreshing and inspiring to work in a business which is continuously improving and searching for ways to better support their clients and therapists alike. My only regret is that I didn’t take the job 2 years earlier when I first applied.”


Daniel Wonnocott

Q Academy Graduate – Diploma of Remedial Massage / Cert IV T&A (current therapist)



“I completed my Diploma of Remedial Massage through Endeavour College in Brisbane and was wary about entering the workforce with my newfound skills. Once beginning at No More Knots these fears were alleviated through the staff and training and support I received from the No More Knots team.  What is great about the workplace is firstly the people. They are likeminded and enthusiastic about delivering the best possible service to clients and great people to be around. Secondly the training and support received through ongoing tutorials from industry professionals and workshops in house. Lastly the professionalism of staff and the organisational structure of No More Knots make the clinic easy to navigate and find your feet.  Help is always at hand and the reception staff are fantastic.

Once getting over the nerves of starting in a new field and in a new workplace you start to realise the benefits of working for a clinic like No More Knots that has a great reputation and gives you access to a wide range of clients with various soft tissue issues. The great thing is that it is completely fine if you are not sure as you can always get support from the team or support from a great referral network to ensure that a client’s needs are met. Would I recommend No More Knots to work for. Of course I would. No question.”


Heidi Donoghue

Endeavour Graduate – Diploma of Remedial Therapy (current therapist)



“When I finished my Diploma of Remedial Massage in 2004 I felt like I wasn’t ready to go out on my own.  I wanted something like an internship where I could expand on the knowledge that I had gained through my studies and work with others who I could continue to learn from.  That is exactly what No More Knots offered me right from the start and I will always be profoundly grateful that I was lucky enough to have the experience of such an amazing clinic for my first job in the industry.  The skills and knowledge that I learnt in my time working at No More Knots was quite simply invaluable and I credit the entire experience of working there for turning me into the therapist I have become today.  In addition, the clinic did not just support me in my role as a therapist, but also facilitated my learning new skills in management and training which has opened doors for me today that otherwise would never have been possible.”


Clare Beverly

Endeavour Graduate – Diploma of Remedial Massage Therapy (past therapist & Practice Manager Taringa)



“I feel incredibly privileged to be a part of No More Knots. I would have said “a part of the team”, but within weeks of starting there, it was more like being a part of the family. As a relatively new therapist, I really value the inclusion and the confidence it provides, as well as the dedication of the business to continually providing therapists with top-notch education and development opportunities. I’ve never had a job I’ve loved so much!”


Erin Haske

B Sp Sci (Hons) AEP CSCS RMT (current exercise physiologist, remedial therapist & Taringa Practice Manager) 



“Coming straight out of three years of study in Musculoskeletal therapy, No More Knots gave me the experience and confidence in my skills to be successful as a therapist. With continuous education programs plus the knowledge and support of fellow therapists, it was the perfect environment for a graduate to grow and become the best therapist they can be. When I first started at No more knots one of my goals was to work with elite athletes, No more knots gave me that opportunity.  Through their partnership with tennis Australia I was able to treat some of the world’s top tennis players in the 2014 Brisbane international Tennis Tournament, which I am very grateful for as it has opened various pathways within the sporting industry.  Thou my journey with no more knots was short it has definitely kicked off my career with a BANG!

I would like to say a big thank you to Kelly, Kristy, Sean, Dan, Sarah Goding and Sarah Murray for their help and support.  I would like to wish the company all the best and would definitely recommend No More Knots to all new MST graduates.”


Ashley Lui

Endeavour Graduate – Bachelor of Musculoskeletal Therapy (past therapist)



“When I was at college, I was worried about working at a clinic that would pump through clients just to be busy. I also didn’t think that I would be well taken care of as a therapist in a clinic that was too busy. I know that I could work in other places and earn more money – and I have done this – but there are some things about No More Knots that I really like that I wasn’t able to get from other places:

I am encouraged to promote and treat to my best potential using MST skills and this is very important to me

If I have any questions they always have the time to answer them

I had 2 training sessions in the first month of working, and they were super helpful and reassuring

Working with other therapists that I can converse with about my clients is easy – in smaller clinics, this has been very difficult. I get so many more treating options to work with when I talk to other therapists during their breaks at work.

I like that I don’t have to worry about towels, or reception or advertising or anything – I just come in and leave and know that everything has been taken care of in every possible way. This is a BIG weight off my shoulders and saves me lots of time and money

I am very busy and very happy to be earning good, consistent income

The reception staff are SO professional – I have been learning from them as well – I listen to them on the phone and think to myself “I could never have handled that situation that well and so professionally”

The administrative team are very understanding about people’s issues – I can change my hours in advance if I have something on, or take time off on the rare occasion I have had a headache. They have been very supportive with me with this which I appreciate

Attention to details like food provided at meetings, providing more space for staff to chill out on breaks, listening to our requests – it’s all the little things that make big differences that you would think working for a big place would go un-noticed, but it’s just the opposite!

The working environment is very welcoming, clean and professionalComing straight from college I know that this clinic has helped me to grow. It’s a great place to begin my career – I know that if I didn’t start working here I would still have the same opinion of big companies like No More Knots that I did at college, but I am so glad that I have had a chance to start to grow so that I can one day take what I have learnt and open my own business in the future”


Rachel Moore

Endeavour Graduate – Bachelor of Musculoskeletal Therapy (past therapist)



“From the very first day I walked through the doors of No More Knots I felt immediately ‘at home’. 4 years later, it is time for me to leave this home to embark on my own professional journey. No More Knots genuinely cares about the welfare and professional development of their therapists and the high level of care provided to its patients.

I will miss all the therapists that I have had the pleasure to work alongside with, and especially for all the social get-togethers and past X’mas parties over the years – may some embarrassing moments best be forgotten

Thank you so much for Kristy, Clare and Sarah G and the entire reception team for all their support, and of course a special thank you to Kelly who gave me the opportunity to work at the best clinic in Brisbane!”


Kevin Lau

Endeavour Graduate – Bachelor of Musculoskeletal Therapy (past therapist)



“NMK has been the bomb!  If I hadn’t worked at No More Knots, there is absolutely no way I would have become the therapist I am today.   NMK was the first professional clinic I ever stepped foot in.   I’ve worked on various national and international sports teams and also in a variety of corporate type workplaces and nothing is more satisfying than strutting down the road in black and orange knowing I am about to have an awesome day surrounded by great people.

I am so proud to have been part of Australia’s Largest Remedial Massage Clinic.  Working at No More Knots is what every therapist should be doing!  You are exposed to such a diverse demographic and have more than you could ask just waiting to be discovered here. This clinic really is an exceptional business to be part of.

There aren’t too many clinics where you get the support and ongoing education that is on offer here.  The management are real people with a genuine interest in your wellbeing, they want to see you happy and they want to see you grow.  The flexibility and regularity of hours are not to be sneezed at.  The value I’ve found in working here at NMK goes beyond just the dollar sign.  I have found that experience is something money can’t buy.  I have had the opportunity to treat some very interesting and challenging patients here and it is these experiences that have lead me down the path of questioning the underlying causes of autoimmune diseases and pursue my determination to uncover the truth, discoveries and answers behind the unknown”.


Bec Mills

Remedial Therapist & Pilates Instructor (past therapist)



“It was a pleasure working in such an environment and I feel privileged to have witnessed the massive changes that happened while I was there for 6 years.

The learning environment in invaluable.  The amount that I learned from both the other massage therapists and physios was incredible.  I was so raw and lacked confidence after college and learnt more in the first 6 months working at the clinic and with teams like the Reds than I did in 4 years at college.

Learning how to communicate to patients is paramount.  NMK staff do this extremely well and set an example that rubs off on everybody.  The open clinic environment ensured this happened.

Being asked for input is empowering to staff and seeing the suggestions implemented often immediately was exciting.

Kelly, the owner, put everything she had back into the clinic…financially and physically.  This was demonstrated by the constant improvements and the arduous hours she always worked.

Professional image is portrayed at all times with strictness in uniforms and marketing material.  (I wore black shoes for 6 years and hated it but knew it was for the best!).

We had heaps of laughs and our clients loved this environment too!

Management  understood  life’s events as they unravelled… break ups, get back togethers, marriage, holidays…. And accommodated me…

NMK staff practised what they preached…by doing stretches and keeping fit while treating patients.”


Cathy Davis

Remedial Therapist (past therapist)

Quest Business Awards:


Greenslopes clinic – Finalists & Winners 2011 & 2012 Health Care Category (Southern Star news)


Taringa clinic – Finalists 2012 Health Care Category (Westside News)


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